Consultation and Additional Services


VitalLife Psychology consultation involves, but is not limited to, providing services to schools, various public and private agencies, health care providers, and legal systems. VitalLife Psychology takes a special interest in providing therapy, assessment, and consultation to court-involved individuals and families, following the guidelines of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) guidelines. Expert testimony and multisystemic team collaboration is also provided.

Executive Functioning Coaching

Executive functioning is a group of complex mental processes and cognitive abilities (such as working memory, impulse inhibition, and reasoning) that control the skills (such as organizing tasks, remembering details, managing time, and solving problems) required for goal-directed behavior. For younger clientele it is better understood as skills that allow children to manage their thoughts, actions, and emotions in order to complete tasks. Executive Functioning Coaching, individualized by age and concerns, explores one’s cognitive and behavioral executive functioning history, profile, and impairments to improve a client’s competencies and self-monitoring through one-to-one intervention, modeling, goal setting, and reviewing effective compensatory strategies. Sessions may occur weekly, biweekly, or monthly and last 50-minutes.


Clinical supervision is an important element in enhancing professional growth and development and increasing clinical skills. VitalLife Psychology views supervision as a collaborative process where supervisees are provided a reflective, emotionally supportive space to focus on enhancing skills, building competencies, gaining confidence, practicing ethically, and complying with professional and organizational treatment standards and practice. Supervision can involve pre- or postdoctoral supervision, as well as peer supervision aimed at clinician self-care, accountability, guidance, feedback, and problem-solving.